The Best Toys for Girls for Friday (November 13)

1.** Disney Princess Ultimate Collection 7 Pack from TARGET
Price: US $59.99. Discount: US $20.00. Categories: Children’s Toys. Deal Rating 3 Stars. Store Rating: 5 Stars. Deal Recommendation:**. Available Until: Not Specified. Thoughts: Very nice and qualtative Barby-Princess Dolls Collection with 25% discount. Every girl dreams to have the same one… However, this collection of 7 dolls could be a perfect present for several young ladies. Shipping is free.

2.**Disney Frozen Toddler Doll and Dress Combo from TARGET
Price: US $24.99. Discount: US $10.00. Categories: Toys for Kids, Dolls. Deal Rating 4 Stars. Store Rating: 5 Stars. Deal Recommendation:**. Available Until: Not Specified. Thoughts: This doll looks beautiful but real, and it would be perfect present for ‘Frozen’ cartoon fans… or any other little princess who are 3 years and up. Goes with a real-size dress for a girl, 28% discount and free shipping.

Best Children’s Deals for Monday (November 9)

  1. ** Cars 16 inch Big Wheel Racer from Toys”R”Us
  2. Price: US $29.99. Discount: $40.00. Categories: Toys for Kids. Deal Rating 4 Stars. Store Rating: 4 Stars. Deal Recommendation:**. Available Until: Not Specified. Thoughts: You can buy this bright big toy car for your kid with 57% off! Active boys will love it!

The best Children deals for Wednesday (October 28th)

  1. *** Fisher-Price Deluxe Newborn Rock ‘n Play Sleeper – My Little Snugapuppy from Target. Price: $50.15. Discount: $24.84.Categories: Baby deals, Newborn. Deal Rating 4.9 Stars.  Store Rating: 5 Stars. Deal Recommendation: ***. Available Until: not specified. Thoughts: 33% is rather big discount. The reviews are perfect, the quality is perfect, too. Machine Wash is possible. Newborn baby feels safe and secure, parents feel serenely.